Sound & Vision India

India’s Largest Localisation Company

Sound & Vision India has several audio recording suites in Mumbai with 5.1, 7.1 and 11.1 mix facilities. We provide recording, scripting and voice casting services. We cater to the leading studios and filmmakers worldwide with unmatched staff strength, infrastructure and invaluable database of talent viz. voice artistes, translators and adaptation specialists.


We are the global service provider for Localization services in India since 1992.

We provide complete localization services like dubbing, subtitling, voice casting, translation, song recording and mixing for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Songs, Jingles , TVC’s, Radio Spots and more on a turnkey basis.

We are one of the oldest and largest dubbing companies in India servicing the global market. For over 2 decades we have worked with some of the leading filmmakers worldwide and received many commendations.

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Due to our commanding position in the industry and the numerous projects on hand at any given point of time, we are:

1. Constantly flooded with calls from aspiring voice artistes looking to enter the profession and make it their careers

2. Always looking for fresh voices for Our projects, so as to constantly produce certain freshness to our work.

Unfortunately, on auditioning the aspiring voice artistes, we often find them sadly lacking in knowledge, awareness and skill to take     direction and carry out the job at hand. All of this results in more rejections than selections, even though some of them have natural talent

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Our decades of experience in Voice Over, Dubbing and Production make execution of these effortless. And this work entails the partnerships with some of the world’s best-known brands

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Some of the companies without whom we couldn’t have been where we are today.

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