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Due to our commanding position in the industry and the numerous projects on hand at any given point of time, we are:
1. Constantly flooded with calls from aspiring voice artistes looking to enter the profession and make it their careers

2. Always looking for fresh voices for our projects, so as to constantly infuse a certain freshness to our work.
   Unfortunately, on auditioning the aspiring voice artistes, we often find them sadly lacking in knowledge, awareness and skill to take     direction and carry out the job at hand. All of this results in more rejections than selections, even though some of them have natural talent.


With this initiative, we aim to use our knowledge, skill and ample resources to train these newcomers to:

Overcome their fears
Fight habitual mistakes
Make them proficient in voicing technique
Build their knowledge on the expectations of the industry.

Give them enough practical knowledge and experience on the various facets of voicing so that they can face the professional voicing industry and pass auditions fearlessly and confidently.
Needless to say, in the process, we are happy to discover and hone talent who we can put to use right away, instantly making them an integral part of the professional voicing industry through a very practical approach!